Digital Transformation Report: a must for business leaders and visionaries

13th July 2017

By Javier Brias – 

I’m going to go against the grain here and post something not directly related to cybersecurity. Essentially, the Digital Transformation Report by Microsoft is about perceptions – the perceptions of business leaders with respect to technology trends. And, while the report itself is more about disruptive technologies, the current state of mind of these business leaders speaks volumes in relation to cybersecurity.

For instance, one of the first questions is how the organisation perceives digital transformation. Out of more than 1000 business and IT leaders surveyed in the UK, almost half (42%) said that digital transformation involves customer-facing initiatives, and only 13% said it was synonymous with IT. When we break it down by sector (financial, retail, manufacturing, services, public) the percentages are even worse. 

Clearly, we won’t get a picture of an organisation’s cybersecurity position from one question although the concern for cybersecurity exists. It is interesting to note, however, that one of the conclusions is that organisations need to have more flexibility in vision and strategy. For well established companies with a strict hierarchy, this may be more difficult to achieve. But it is also the kind of opening disruptors look for.

Read the report here. Some of the conclusions will give you pause to reflect. 





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