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Press Release: Secon Cyber partners with Blueliv.

Press Release: Secon Cyber partners with Blueliv.

Blueliv and Secon Cyber

LONDON Friday 6th September 2019

Secon Cyber is pleased to announce their partnership with Blueliv, a leading cyberthreat intelligence provider. This partnership will advance Secon Cyber’s commitment to providing their customers with innovative and best-of-breed cyber security solutions.

Blueliv’s real-time threat intelligence empowers organisations to detect, analyse and respond to cyberthreats quickly and easily. Their solutions cover a variety of use cases, including proactive threat monitoring, brand protection, fraud prevention, counterfeit detection and data breach protection. These are delivered through a build-your-own modular architecture, so organisations only need to pay for those threats most relevant to their business.

Blueliv gives you visibility of your organisation from the outside in, delivering targeted, actionable insight from the clearnet and dark web about your business. You can find stolen credentials, leaked documents, fake social media profiles, information about how your domains are being used, and much more. In addition, Blueliv monitors hackers’ forums for any indication that you’re going to be attacked. They will work with you to prepare your defences before the attack so you’re ready to defend yourself.

Andrew Gogarty, Secon Cyber’s Head of Customer success, said: “Knowing the type of adversary that you will be up against enables decision makers to allocate the right resource and put in place appropriate defence measures. Using a threat intelligence platform helps focus your efforts in maintaining cyber security best practice.”

Trevor Crompton, WWVP Sales at Blueliv, added: “We are delighted to bring our modular threat intelligence solutions to Secon Cyber to help organisations manage their digital risk. Working with Secon Cyber means we can offer our cost-effective, pay-as-you-need proposition to organisations in the UK and beyond, delivering only relevant threat information to detect, monitor and respond to cyberattacks.”

Secon Cyber looks forward to working with Blueliv and protecting our customers with their impressive technology.

About Secon Cyber

Established in 1999, Secon Cyber has long-standing experience of delivering class-leading cyber security solutions to customers ranging from small to large enterprises. Secon Cyber’s expertise lies in their deep understanding of the cyber security market and ability to provide fit for purpose security solutions and services to customers. Visit to learn more.

About Blueliv

Blueliv is Europe’s leading cyberthreat intelligence provider, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. We look beyond your perimeter, scouring the open, deep and dark web to deliver fresh, automated and actionable threat intelligence to protect the enterprise and manage your digital risk. Covering the broadest range of threats on the market, a pay-as-you-need modular architecture means customers receive streamlined, cost-effective intelligence delivered in real-time, backed by our world-class in-house analyst team. Intelligence modules are scalable, easy to deploy and easy to use, maximizing security resource while accelerating threat detection, incident response performance and forensic investigations. Blueliv is recognized across the industry by analysts including Gartner and Forrester, and has earned multiple awards for its technology and services including ‘Security Company of the Year 2019’ by Red Seguridad, Enterprise Security and Enterprise Threat Detection 2018 category winners by, in addition to holding affiliate membership of FS-ISAC for several years.

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