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Download: Security Advisory Service Overview

Download: Security Advisory Service Overview

Secon Cyber’s Security Advisory Service (SAS) is designed to help you clearly understand your unique cyber security risks and prepare a roadmap to cyber security maturity.

The threat landscape is always changing, so how do you know if your security is prepared to protect you from the latest threats? Secon Cyber’s team of security will work with you to continually assess your infrastructure and establish how you can achieve cyber security best practice.

Our aim is to help you effectively utilise the tools you have already invested in, while also highlighting what areas you should address based on your risk factors. This approach to building a security strategy keeps you and your organisation involved throughout the entire process and explains all suggestions in a clear, concise manner.

Our SAS specialists will sit with you and thoroughly assess each area of your security ecosystem including your solutions, monitoring strategies, and post-impact recovery policies.

After a complete assessment has taken place, our team will build a report that benchmarks you against cyber security best practice. This report clearly illustrates what your security strengths and weaknesses are and what you can do to improve in each area. This full picture of your security allows you to see the value of your existing investments and where your largest security gaps are.

Secon Cyber’s SAS team will also set out a prioritised list of recommendations to help you address your security vulnerabilities. This creates an easy to follow roadmap to cyber security maturity.

Download this guide to see how SAS team can help you and what we’re all about! Helping you.

Download: SAS Document

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