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Webcast: The Future of Authentication

Webcast: The Future of Authentication

Join Bettina Vahl, Yubico and Secon Cyber and learn about the future of authentication.

We all know that passwords don’t always work. For many years, ubiquitous phishing attacks, brute forcing, and credential stuffing using reused passwords has shown that organisations should not rely on passwords to authenticate users. This has pushed many organisations to race to implement two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication has become a lot cheaper and simpler to deploy in recent years, but the bad guys didn’t rest on their data stashes either and implemented some effective means to attack sites protected by two-factor authentication.

In this webinar with Secon Cyber and Yubico, you will learn about how global organisations are successfully protecting themselves from cyber attacks as well as reducing helpdesk costs and increasing productivity using the YubiKey for strong multi-factor and passwordless authentication. 

This webinar was originally held on Friday 18th October 2019.

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