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Webcast: DMARC with Agari

Webcast: DMARC with Agari

The Challenge

Email has a fundamental security flaw – anyone can send email claiming to be someone else.

DMARC can prevent the delivery of unauthorised email from your domain, but it can be hard to implement and it gets harder the larger the organisation becomes.

Most organisations lack the expertise, time, and resources to get the process right.

The Agari Solution

Agari automates DMARC implementation, simplifying the process of choosing which senders are authorized to send email on your behalf and reducing the task of maintaining an accurate enforcement policy.

This accelerates time to enforcement and simplifies ongoing management, making it much easier to stay at enforcement.

Automated Phishing Prevention

Agari automates phishing prevention to safeguard your organisation’s brand by preventing cyber criminals from using your good name to commit email fraud. Using a combination of sender analytics, a fully hosted email authentication platform, and proven business processes to maintain compliance, Agari eliminates administrative functions to help achieve DMARC enforcement 4x faster than other approaches.

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