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White paper: PAM Maturity Model

White paper: PAM Maturity Model

PAM Maturity Model

A framework to systematically lower privileged account risk, increase business agility, and improve operational efficiency

The Thycotic Privileged Access Management Maturity Model presents a roadmap for your PAM journey. It defines four phases of PAM maturity organisations typically progress through as they evolve from laggards to leaders.

The model is based on security industry best practices and our work with 10,000 customers of all types, ranging from organizations beginning to experiment with PAM to the most experienced and advanced PAM users.

You can apply lessons from the PAM Maturity Model based on your own risk drivers, budget, and priorities.

Download the PAM Maturity Model Whitepaper

Within the four phases there are gradations of PAM maturity which impact cyber risk, business productivity, and cost of compliance. In addition to security activities, the model also reflects the frequency and scale at which organisations conduct those activities.

Download: PAM Maturity Model

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