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Webcast: Insider Threat Investigation

Webcast: Insider Threat Investigation

With three million records stolen every day, Insider Threats are quickly becoming the greatest cyber security risk organisations face today. In the event of a breach, it’s essential to be able to undertake a thorough investigation using digital forensics to understand what happened, how, why and who was behind it. Only then can the organisation establish whether the incident was intentional or accidental and deal with the consequences appropriately.

Join Secon Cyber and Erich Anderson, Insider Threat and Cyber Security Expert at ObserveIT, former FBI staffer, to learn:

  • How to build an incident response plan and why forensics must be at the heart of your Insider Threat strategy
  • How comprehensive visibility, real-time intelligence and policy enforcement stops Insider Threat incidents in their tracks
  • What steps you can take to build and maintain your own Insider Threat program, drawing on real-world case studies

About the speaker

Erich Anderson serves as a professional consultant for ObserveIT who brings experienced information security knowledge of over 15 years around Insider Threat, cyber security and risk mitigation.

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