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Security Alert! Are you using Pulse Secure VPN?

Security Alert! Are you using Pulse Secure VPN?

There is a known vulnerability being actively exploited to distribute ransomware. 

Pulse Secure made a patch available to mitigate the critical vulnerability back in April 2019. If you have not yet patched please do so as soon as possible. More information available below:

Pulse Secure publicly provided a patch fix on April 24, 2019 that should be immediately applied to the Pulse Connect Secure (VPN). The CVE 2019-11510 vulnerability is highly critical.

They have urged all customers to apply the patch fix if not already done so. 

If you are using Pulse Secure VPN and would like help or assistance with the patching and/or the ongoing maintenance of your Pulse Secure VPN appliance please contact us at Secon Cyber and our team will be happy to help.  

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