April Agapor – Always on together

April Agapor

Secon is always on, helping our team explore new opportunities and spearhead new initiatives.

April Agapor started her professional journey as a network technician after she got her degree in computer engineering. She explored various fields of technology before landing on cyber security, which eventually lead to her joining Secon’s Incident Response team.

April finds being a cyber security professional exciting because although her role is demanding, it’s always mentally simulating. She said the thing she enjoys most about cyber security is the sense of satisfaction she feels knowing she’s helping to protect people’s valuable information and assets.

As April continued to develop her skills with Secon, she was presented with the opportunity to help build a new department: our Learning and Development team. As Learning and Development Lead, April is now able to expand her interest in protecting valuable information and infrastructure whilst also helping others protect themselves from cyber threats. April said her goal is to continue to grow the Learning and Development team, and ultimately help Secon become a leader in providing both cyber security services and training programmes.

Despite the excitement that came with building a new team, April expressed that it wasn’t always easy and there were some bumps along the way that challenged her. She commented that although designing new learning methodologies and strategies was interesting, it also tested her abilities at first.

Additionally, April’s new role requires her to engage and collaborate with everyone for the Learning and Development team to succeed. As a self-described introvert, April said this adjustment was difficult for her. However, she also recognises that in order to grow, we must step outside of our comfort zones and allow ourselves to fail and learn from our mistakes.

April said she’s always learning new lessons in her role, especially as she interacts with more applicants, colleagues, and clients. Through each new challenge and interaction, April continues to discover how to be an effective leader, improve her decision-making skills, and maintain patience while working under pressure.

As a result of these experiences, April has realised how critical it is to recognise everyone’s unique characteristics, behaviours, and habits in order to tailor her delivery and ensure everyone gets the most out of each Learning and Development programme. April said she acknowledges that these skills take time to refine, but what’s almost more important is a willingness and continuous desire to learn, which cannot be taught.

As the Learning and Development Lead, April is always on, looking for ways to help Secon provide the continuous services that our clients and team members require. She commented:

With the digitalisation of industries and services in all aspects of our lives, the opportunity to pursue a career in cyber security has never been greater. There are numerous IT careers to pursue, but protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks has resulted in high demand and interest from businesses.

Like April, don’t be afraid to make mistakes because those are the best opportunities to learn and grow. Set your goals and stick to them even when things go wrong. The strongest people aren’t always those who win; rather, they are those who don’t give up when they lose.


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