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Always on the lookout for creative and purpose driven people.

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There’s a whole host of great benefits working for us

Flexible working

We believe in today’s world people should have the ability to work when, where, and how they want. We allow for flexible working and trust our employees to get the job done.

Do the right thing

We are guided by a deep belief in doing what’s right, regardless of the outcome. We put this before profit and pleasure. If you share this belief, then you’ll find your place with us.

Learning & development

In this industry, you must run ‘at a pace’ just to stand still; you’ll learn via classroom, e-learning and one-on-ones.

Working at Secon


Every day is different

At Secon, every day is different. Due to our enterprising and entrepreneurial nature, we work at a fast pace and are always adapting to the changing security environment.

Purpose and outcome driven

We are purpose and outcome driven, and therefore have complete trust in our employees and encourage remote and independent working. We’re proud of the inclusive and diverse nature of Secon and are always working to create a strong bond throughout the company.

Our culture

Throughout our history, we’ve fostered a culture of customer service and innovation. With this mentality, we encourage our team to always push boundaries and get out of their comfort zone. We support our employees to create a strong camaraderie amongst the team and develop their individual careers.