Bespoke cloud security services

Whether you are full cloud-first, hybrid, or just testing the water, Secon is here to help. As an experienced cloud security service provider, our team has the expertise to ensure you don’t introduce exploitable gaps in your cloud security posture.

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Our cloud security service

At Secon we’re always on, protecting your cloud workloads and data.

With cloud, your data and users could be anywhere. No matter where your data resides or where your users are working from, everything needs to stay protected.

Without visibility and control over your data in the cloud, you’re at risk of data being lost or stolen which could impact your revenue, your reputation, or result in regulatory implications.

Secon can help you through your entire cloud security journey. We offer customisable solutions and cloud security services, including:

Managed Cloud Security Services

  • We run a 24/7 security operations centre (SOC) that continuously supports and maintains your cloud security tools. These services are completely designed around your unique needs and security requirements.
  • We also offer Vulnerability Management and Patching as a Service if you want to ensure you always stay on top of the latest vulnerabilities in your cloud environment.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

  • MDR brings together technology, threat intelligence, and skilled experts to effectively and rapidly identify and respond to any security threats and incidents in your cloud environment.
  • MDR works by using technology to collect information from your digital assets. By adding intelligence from known threats, our skilled security experts are able to rapidly identify and respond to only the genuine threats in your environment. This speed and accuracy makes MDR both effective and efficient when dealing with security threats.

Advisory, Testing, and Compliance

  • If you’re curious how to improve your current cloud security set-up, our Advisory team can give you guidance and direction on how to decrease your cyber risk.
  • We offer full Cyber Risk Assessments, Managed Penetration Testing, and Security Compliance Reporting.

Security Technology Enablement

  • Our cloud technology experts can help design, implement, and migrate you to a secure cloud setup.
  • We work with the top cloud security companies and have significant experience in secure cloud workloads for technologies including Microsoft, Zscaler, AWS, and Forcepoint.

Why Secon?

Benefits of working with us as your cloud security provider

Enhanced cloud data protection services

With cloud, your data and users are everywhere. We help you implement the policies and procedures to take back control and provide secure cloud storage.  We ensure your data and applications in the cloud are protected against compromise by malicious third parties or insider threats.

Bespoke cloud strategy

We work with you to understand your desired cloud security outcomes before implementing the right secure cloud solutions and services for you.

Cloud Security Transformation consultants

Increased visibility and control

We help you gain improved visibility and control of your cloud environment to minimise risk. We also always ensure you can demonstrate compliance with any third-party audit or regulatory bodies.

Cloud Security Transformation consultants

First-hand experience

Secon is a cloud-first business with no on-premise footprint. We know how to secure data and applications as we’ve done it for both ourselves and countless other organisations.

Cloud Security Transformation consultants

Easy to understand

The cloud security world is full of buzzwords and acronyms. We cut through the jargon and help our customers take a pragmatic approach to ensure they always have visibility and control over their data in the cloud. 

Cloud Security Transformation consultants

Save time and money

We use our expertise to identify the most appropriate and value for money cloud security solutions for you. We aim to meet your organisation’s unique needs and help you realise the benefits of your chosen solution.

Let’s work together

We’d love to work with you to improve your cloud security and enable your digital transformation.

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