Case Study - Adobe chooses Thycotic

Secret Server Does It For Adobe

Adobe products and cloud services are accessed and used by billions of users daily. The cloud operations team wanted to ensure that their high standards of security were adhered to while using Adobe on the cloud.

In particular, Adobe’s build environments were the subject of a new set of leading edge security automation protocols that the organisation has implemented in order to harden the cloud environment from external and internal threats.

Find out why Adobe chose Thycotic’s Secret Server to solve their privilege access management challenges.


Whitepaper - Hybrid Cloud Security

Hybrid Cloud Security, powered by XGen™

Hybrid clouds represent the new normal for data centers, which, in turn, warrants a new security model—one that is grounded in an understanding about what is different about cloud infrastructure.

IT and security professionals are well aware of the need to retool for this new normal, with 80% of respondents in research conducted by ESG noting that the security (i.e., policies, processes, technologies, and skills) associated with their on-premises infrastructure and applications is more mature than that for their organization’s use of public cloud services.


WHITEPAPER - Red Teaming

Red Teaming:  finding vulnerabilities in your cybersecurity environment

Red teaming simulates a cyber criminal attack under controlled conditions to identify risks and its impact on the business. It goes beyond traditional pen testing which simulates attacks on individual components or applications to find vulnerabilities or weak spots within those components or applications.

With red teaming, the aim is to simulate a real world attack on the entire IT infrastructure under controlled conditions. It seeks to replicate the processes that real hackers use when targeting an organisation.

Download this whitepaper from Secon Cyber Security to understand the mechanics behind red teaming.


Email Security Risk Assessment Infographic

Mimecast’s Email Security Risk Assessment Infographic

This infographic is a companion to the eponymous whitepaper download. ESRA is an analysis report measuring the effectiveness of email security systems.

Many organizations think their current email security systems are up to the task of protecting them. However, if an organization hasn’t reviewed its approach to email security within the last 18 months, it is likely vulnerable to attack.


The EU GDPR: Time to act

A report exploring UK business preparedness for the GDPR & current cybersecurity concerns. 

After four years of negotiations, Europe has finally taken a large step towards stronger, pan-European data privacy laws. In  December 2015, European countries agreed the text of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) reforms, which every organisation will need to comply with by 25th May, 2018. The new data privacy laws aren’t just about compliance – the rules and regulations relating to how organisations capture, store, process and share staff and customer data are all about to change.


The Phishing Breakthrough Point

Effectiveness of Phishing, Training & Understanding the Human Response

This whitepaper reports the results of a 6-month experimental study testing the effectiveness duration of the 40-minute KnowBe4 “Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training”. The scope of the experiment was on common workplace phishing emails tested among small to medium size companies.


Email Security Risk Assessment

Email Security Risk Assessment by Mimecast

Not all email security systems perform the same. Lots of false negatives get let through. That’s what Mimecast found in its new email security risk assessment (ESRA), an inspection of email security systems to uncover the number, type and severity of threats getting into organizations.

Download the report now to find out more.


What your digital shadow says about you - pt 1

The traces you leave behind

Everyday we leave hundreds, if not thousands of digital traces on the internet. And while the data gathered does not specifically identify the user, analysts are still able to create a profile of us based on whereabouts, our likes and dislikes, and time stamps.

Read this paper to understand the ins and outs behind metadata and browser cookies.


What your digital shadow says about your enterprise - pt 2

The bigger picture

If individuals leave hundreds to thousands of digital traces of themselves on the internet on a daily basis, enterprises leave hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of digital traces on a daily basis. And each one is a potential threat that cybercriminals are on the lookout for.

Read this whitepaper to understand this phenomenon and how you can combat potential threats with Digital Shadows’ Searchlight.


Check Point Private ThreatCloud

Where are your threats coming from?

Check Point Private ThreatCloud provides improved defense posture by bringing threat intelligence, software updates, and patches to highly regulated, isolated, and offline networks, while ensuring that data stored and processed in isolated environments stays within the perimeter.

Download the Check Point ThreatCloud spec sheet to learn more about how you can protect your environment.


Advanced Evasion Techniques Whitepaper

Preventing Sophisticated Attacks

Advanced evasion techniques are, as the name implies, sophisticated criminals who are able to by-pass security barriers.

Criminals use trusted systems to obfuscate malicious data and penetrate network defenses undetected. An advanced evasion technique (AET)
is a method of delivering an exploit or malicious content into a vulnerable target so that the traffic looks normal and security devices will pass it through

Learn more about Forcepoint’s AET by downloading the whitepaper.


Revolutionizing DLP Incident Response Whitepaper

Forcepoint DLP Incident Risk Ranking

Security systems generate a large number of alerts, but only a small subset of them represent critical risks to high value business data.

Noise – whether it comes from personal communication, broken business processes or false positives – makes the task of identifying genuine data theft risks challenging, even for well resourced security operations teams.

At Forcepoint, we started a research and development
project in 2013 with the goal of revolutionizing how our customers approach DLP incident response and use DLP data sets to identify security risks caused by broken business

The results of the research is an integrated security analytics system tuned for a DLP data set that enables security operations teams to be more responsive and effective with
fewer resources.


Forcepoint SureView Analytics Datasheet

Forcepoint SureView Analytics Big Button 2.0 

Fighting crime is never easy – white collar criminals are smarter and more ingenious in circumventing security barriers.

To be effective, law enforcement  officials must constantly adapt to new situations, make greater use of intelligence, stay current with technology, and expand cooperation between agencies.

Today, public and private organizations are fighting crime with tools that enable analysts and investigators to quickly access, understand, analyze, react to and share massive amounts of data across jurisdictions
quickly and easily.

Download this datasheet and learn how Forcepoint SureView Analytics can work for you.


GDPR – A legislative milestone for a digital age

A GDPR narrative by Neil Thacker, Deputy CISO, Forcepoint

The clock is officially ticking for organisations to get their data protection policies in order now that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been approved and is set to replace the previous EU Data Protection Directive. Download our Whitepaper now to understand the five key steps to help organisations perform a basic assessment of their current data protection strategy and to identify any potential gaps that need filling prior to a more comprehensive view of the GDPR.


Trend Micro Hybrid Cloud Solution Brief

Hybrid Cloud Security

You have data stored and residing in several physical and virtual locations – some of it is on a 3rd party Cloud service, some of it is in the corporate cloud. Still other data resides on servers and data centers.

Trend Micro’s Hybrid Cloud Security solution provides data visibility across your different physical, virtual and cloud servers: AWS, Azure, Office 365, Google, VMware, etc.

Aside from data visibility, Hybrid Cloud Security also integrates with 3rd party SIEM tools.

Among its many security features, Hybrid Cloud Security provides DLP protection, encryption, sandboxing, IPS, anti-malware, application control.

Hybrid Cloud Security is part of Trend Micro’s SMART Protection Network.

Download this solution brief from Trend Micro and see how the solution can help prepare your IT environment towards GDPR compliance.

If you need any information or help, call Secon Cyber Security and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.




Insider Threat Protection

Forcepoint Insider Threat provides visibility

Risky human behaviour, disgruntled employee, malicious user…there are many ways to compromise data. Regulatory compliance (GDPR) only complicates matters.

Forcepoint’s Insider Threat protection provides data visibility and user behaviour so that information assets can be protected at all times.

Download this brochure to learn more.


The Perfect SOC Management Platform

Check Point R80 Security Management Platform

Management of Security Operations Centers can be daunting. Each node or connection point of the corporate network usually deploys specialised appliances for that particular area. Unifying and managing all these different devices and software can be overwhelming.

This infographic gives 10 compelling reasons why the R80 Security Management platform from Check Point is the perfect SOC application providing integrated threat management capabilities in highly granular form.


Simplify GDPR compliance for email

Email compliance made easy

GDPR aims to control the use and transfer of personally identifiable information (PII) – anything from a password to a date of birth – for any company transacting online business within the EU, regardless of the actual location of the company. An important repository of PII is email.

Mimecast takes the complexity out of compliance with their email archiving and security solutions.

Download this white paper.


Social media privacy lockdown - an e-Guide

Protecting your privacy on social media

While email continues to be a criminal’s favourite vehicle for delivering scams and malware, social media sites also rank high on the list because users are largely unaware of the dangers that lurk in a world where everything is shared.

Secon Cyber Security partner, Trend Micro, offer this e-Guide to help you lockdown your privacy and stay safe.



Stonesoft Webinar

Next Generation Firewall:

Advanced evasion techniques (AETs) continue to break the security protection model that most organizations use today. According to Klaus Majewski, technology director at Forcepoint, all organizations need to rethink traditional security approaches.

Click here to watch the recording for the webinar from Wednesday, 7 December at 10:30am and learn how to improve your security posture.

Download the whitepaper below for more information on Next Generation Firewall.




Surviving the world of email management

While email remains the lifeblood of business, the world of email management
keeps evolving. Organizations are dealing with pressure from senior executives to
migrate mail servers to the cloud, provide access from mobile devices and
protect against constantly evolving security threats.


Ransomware Hostage Rescue Manual

This ransomware primer and whitepaper by Secon Cyber Security partner, KnowBe4, will help you understand  how ransomware behaves, how it attacks, what to do in case of infection, and how to prevent future attacks.

Use the included Attack Response and Prevention checklist to plan your system’s security.

Protecting oneself from cyberattacks is not difficult if we all follow some common sense and employ a best practise approach.


Compromised Credentials

Digital Shadows, provides an in-depth analysis of data breaches that have occurred in the world’s 1000 biggest public companies.

Barely a week goes by without reports of a leaked database. Amid all this noise, it’s often still difficult to make sense of the leaked information and understand what it means for organisations.

Dumps of stolen credentials are regularly sold, traded and shared online across paste sites, file-sharing sites and online marketplaces.

This report seeks to help organisations readdress this by understanding where they are exposed, how threat actors are using this information, and what they can do to prepare for and mitigate such events.


Ransomware Whitepaper

Over the last year and a half ransomware has become a vicious plague that has indiscriminately infected organisations and regular end users. The general public has remained ignorant to the threats posed by this malware category and thus fueled the cyber-crime industry to continue utilizing ransomware at the expense of people’s naivety.

By demanding large sums of money in exchange for the release of sensitive data and information, ransomware really is a bitter pill to swallow.

However there are measures that can be taken to mitigate the risk of ransomware and protect yourself and your company from the malicious threat.

Download this whitepaper by Secon Cyber Security and Trend Micro on ransomware to find out more about one of the largest cyber threats of the year and learn how you can protect yourself from being attacked.


Spearphishing Whitepaper

With recent high profile hacks on large organisations such as WADA, spearphishing has entered the fray of the cyber threats premier league. Praying on the human weakness within organisations, cybercriminals are able to concoct sophisticated and targeted attacks by socially engineering employees via emails which at some point will include malicious links that breach the company’s security.

The implications are damaging and embarrassing to say the least. Company’s lose sensitive data and they could be left liable to law suits by customers who’s information and billing information is now no longer private.

Download this whitepaper by Secon Cyber Security and Mimecast to find out more about spearfishing and understand what’s involved in the timeline of a spearfishing attack.


Ransomware Protection Whitepaper

Much has been written and published about ransomware in the last 24 months. Most of what we read scares us to death and delves into the horrible consequences of being struck by ransomware. Not enough educates the general public on how to mitigate against such a threat. Ransomware has turned into an industry epidemic however there are steps and procedures that can be taken and practiced in order to reduce and eliminate the threat of ransomware.

Download this whitepaper by Secon Cyber Security and Trend Micro to further your understanding on ransomware and understand ways in which to equip yourself and your organisation to avoid this threat.


Mitigating Office 365 risks Whitepaper

Moving to Office 365 can bring many benefits to your organization. But just because productivity applications are in the cloud, it doesn’t mean Office 365 can single-handedly protect your organization from socially engineered scams, costly downtime and data loss. IT is responsible for protecting the organization, no matter how the software is deployed, and for having a backup plan when something goes wrong.

Therefore its worth taking a look at the following whitepaper by Secon Cyber Security and Mimecast and ask yourself these 5 questions before deploying Office 365.

Click the download button below to find out more.


Email Security Infographic

Now more than ever email security is one of the main priorities for all businesses. With the increasing threats imposed by hackers, viruses, phishing and identity theft, businesses must ensure that they are as fully protected as possible.

This infographic by Secon Cyber Security and Mimecast provides 5 tips to beef up your email security.

Click the download button below to read our infographic on email security.


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