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Tuesday 12th November 2019
5.30 - 8.30pm

Elliott Collins

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Elliott Collins
VAR Channel Manager UK


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Another day, another data breach hits the headlines. And on top of unfavourable media attention, companies can now expect these incidents to cost an average of $3.92m.

Turning this tide requires a clear understanding of why breaches happen so that effective solutions can be implemented to mitigate risk. In our experience, when it comes to insider data breaches, this can be a complex issue that’s fraught with difficulties – particularly when trying to mitigate incidents caused by human error, such as people accidentally sending an email to the wrong recipient.

Common Email Breaches

The most common email data breach incidents and the problems caused by unauthorised access to data and failing to adequately protect personal information

Send to the Right People

How Egress can stop misaddressed emails and ensure your emails go to the right recipients, preventing accidental data loss


How machine learning and advanced DLP technology can detect and prevent email data breaches

Improve Protection

How to practically improve protection for sensitive data shared via email, including ensuring adoption by end users

Security ROI

What all of this means for security ROI


The Agenda

Join Egress Elliott Collins, VAR Channel Manager, UK, at Mrs Fogg’s as he examines ‘well-intentioned’ data breaches caused when staff share data via email. In particular, the session will examine developments in machine learning and advanced DLP technologies that can determine the risk of a data breach in real time to prevent unauthorised disclosure and enforce security for assured compliance.




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