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Email Security

Emails are the lifeline of all businesses for communications, but email-based attacks threaten your landscape. Even the savviest of people can click on malicious links and expose your entire network to an attack.

Secon Cyber provides a no-fuss email security solution that continuously protects all incoming traffic to stop phishing, ransomware, advanced threats, spam, and malware. It even works with Microsoft® Office 365™, SharePoint®, and OneDrive.

Delivering the best in security

Communicate with ease


Office 365

Superior email protection for Microsoft Office 365.

Security Controls

Extend security controls out to OneDrive and SharePoint Online.


Protect against data loss via email.

Phishing Protection

Protect against phishing attacks with use of technology and user education.

Latest Technology

Take advantage of the latest protection techniques such as writing style analysis, ‘misaddressed’ emails, sandboxing, and URL re-writing.

Reduce SPAM

Reduce SPAM and SPAM associated helpdesk calls by providing user management of SPAM folders.

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