Ensure my servers and devices are patched

Patching service provider

With the daily surge of vulnerabilities, it can be challenging to deploy security patches, service packs, out-of-band releases, and hotfixes on your own. Staying well-informed with the right updates for your systems and applications entails a lot of research, but responding quickly is critical as delays provide more chances for cyber attacks and exploits to find their way into your organisation.

How we can help

With over two decades of security experience, Secon can guarantee a worry-free, round-the-clock, entirely flexible vulnerability and patching service provider plan for your business.

Through research and extensive patch testing, our team of experienced technical security consultants give you confidence that the latest fixes for your servers, systems, and applications are applied accurately and with minimal disruption to your business.

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Server Patching as a Service


  • We constantly check and evaluate patches released by vendors, including urgent hotfixes, critical security updates, and other out-of-band patches.
  • We recommend patches that need to be deployed based on your organisation’s IT environment and specific needs.
  • We provide access to a real-time server patching dashboard to give your organisation complete visibility of patching compliance and status.

Vulnerability Assessment


  • We discover and compile a report of where your data and other critical assets are stored, rate their importance, and determine who has access to them.
  • We keep a well-maintained infrastructure inventory of assets to map-out and prevent potential vulnerabilities.
  • We constantly check for misconfiguration, commercial defects, mismanagement, or other issues in the way your organisation maintains your hardware and software components to ensure they’re not acting as a gateway for threats.