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Breakfast Briefing – Cyber Security Fit for the Future

Breakfast Briefing – Cyber Security Fit for the Future

Breakfast Briefing – Cyber Security Fit for the Future, Wednesday 13th March @ 9 am GMT

Join Secon Cyber and Sophos’ experts over breakfast to discuss why a multi-layered approach to cyber security is the best plan for the future. The need for organisations of all sizes to secure their networks and data has never been greater. Although there is nothing which is 100 percent effective at preventing malware infection since threats are constantly evolving, developing a defence-in-depth strategy can help mitigate the risk. This involves multiple layers of defence which strengthens your resilience against malware.

When looking for security solutions to implement, ensure you’re ready for whatever hackers throw at you with:

Layered Protection: Reduce the likelihood of malware infection with multiple layers of proactive and detective security

Simplicity: Keep cyber security simple to manage with the highest possible levels of protection, thereby minimising risk

Automated protection: Enable your defences to be as coordinated as the attacks they protect againt

Servers: Protect both virtual and physical servers running Windows, Linux or Unix operating systems

Next-generation cyber security: Achieve even better protection when you combine Intercept X Advanced with Windows Defender ATP


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