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Once upon a time putting a perimeter around your office was the best way to ensure no threats entered your organisation, but today the story is more complicated. As working environments continue to evolve and users move in and out of your castle walls, selecting the right firewall for your needs is becoming more and more important to keep yourself protected.

Today, firewalls still act as a guard deciding who and what to let into your castle walls, but now you can be confident that malicious actors in disguise aren’t sneaking in as well. Have a look at our free tools to learn all about the latest advancements in perimeters, from virtual and next generation firewalls to Firewall as a Service.

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White Paper: Firewall - The evolution of your castle walls

Secon Cyber

Once upon a time, organisations could rest assured all their important and confidential information was protected once they secured their network with a firewall, which acted as their castle walls.

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Webinar: Firewall as a Service

Cato Networks

Firewall as a Service is a revolutionary method of delivering a firewall and network security as a cloud service.

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Webinar: Next Generation Firewall

Secon Cyber

Join Secon Cyber and Forcepoint’s experts to discuss the Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) and how you can use SD-WAN to replace MPLS and go straight to the cloud.


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