Fritze Allen Rae Malana – Always on together

Fritze Allen Rae Malana, Incident Response Associate

Secon is always on, encouraging our team to discover what they love and to bring their unique perspectives to the table.

One example of this is Fritze Allen Rae Malana, one of our new Incident Response Associates who joined the Secon team from our Cyber Academy.

Fritze’s journey into cyber security began in a unique way. His area of interest has always been in the creative field. His dream was to become an animator, but unexpected events caused him to change career paths to Information Technology in the hopes of creating his own game.

When the opportunity to be an intern for our Cyber Academy arose, he grabbed it with both hands, thinking, “hey, this might open new doors for me and teach me something new.” He successfully passed the series of tests and interviews, which signalled the start of his cyber security career.

After graduating, he landed a job with Secon thanks to his talents and hard work. At Secon, we value building teams with a diverse range of skills and backgrounds. That’s why we’re dedicated to balancing our teams with individuals that possess both technical skills and creativity. We believe this is how innovation thrives.

Fritze said although his job is similar to the internship, the main difference is now he’s overseeing actual clients instead of working on sandboxes and practicing on dummy clients. He commented:

It tickled my curiosity and made me want to learn more. The rush you get when you solve problems, or when you are driven by ambition, etc., is thrilling!

Fritze’s interest in cyber security has only continued to grow throughout the last few months. He says the excitement of discovering something new keeps him going. Fritze believes that you must always be prepared for change. As the world evolves, so does technology.

Secon is always on, looking for new ways to assist you with your professional journey. It’s not too late, like Fritze, to begin your career in cyber security. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, seize new opportunities, work hard, and follow your curiosity.

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