Gavin Whitby-Lear – Always on together

Gavin Whitby-Lear

Always on, helping our clients achieve their full potential.

Gavin began his cyber security career in 2017 at a cyber security awareness training company. After several years in the role, Gavin began looking for new opportunities that would allow him to advance within the security industry, expand his potential, work with a wider client base, and take on more responsibility.

When a commercial account manager vacancy opened at Secon, Gavin jumped at the chance to interview for the role and successfully joined the Secon team early this year.

Gavin says the biggest challenge he has in his current role is also one of the things he loves most about it. He explained: “I work with a number of large public and private sector clients, as well as an increasing number of cyber security vendors and distributors, and throughout the course of any particular working day, I’m bouncing between calls with clients assisting in making sure their cyber portfolio is up to date, helping put commercials together for new contracts, and joining internal and external strategy meetings to ensure our clients are getting the best service we can offer.

“There’s lots to do, but we have a clear direction to move in, and the sense of teamwork and an ‘all for one’ attitude in the business is substantial, which certainly helps!”

Gavin looks forward to continuing to build relationships with our clients and says his goal is to empower them to achieve their full potential by taking the stress of cyber security. He’s also eager to further strengthen his abilities and knowledge through vendor training sessions and accreditations to provide our clients with the most up-to-date advice. He commented:

There’s always something new you can learn in cyber, and with Secon in particular this is more achievable than ever!

Gavin says he’d encourage anyone who’s interested to pursue a career in cyber security, adding: “Let’s face it, cyber security isn’t going away any time soon. Working in cyber has opened up a great number of opportunities for me personally and professionally, I have made a number of good friends since joining Secon a few short months ago, and as long as you have a ‘can do’ attitude, you can succeed!”

Gavin is always on, helping Secon’s clients protect their digital assets and maintain business continuity. He said:

Always on to me means our clients can rest assured that their cyber security assets are continually being monitored. Clients can rely on us to always be there for them should they need assistance, advice, consultancy, patches, updates/upgrades, and so on. This is often done through our fantastic 24x7x365 security operations centre (SOC).

Whether you’re looking to procure a new cyber security solution or implement centralised visibility and control over your existing security investments, our team is always on hand with the advice and expertise you need to make an informed decision.

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