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Life at Secon Cyber

We are fast becoming a leader in Cyber Security. We are scaling up and moving at pace.  With Secon Cyber you can develop your full potential.

Secon Cyber is a place where passionate people come together as one team, to protect our clients and deliver results. We like to learn from each other and have a deep belief in our purpose.

Everyone here works together to achieve a common goal and is purely focussed on securing our clients and helping them win in the struggle against cyber attacks and cybercrime. We respect each other’s individuality but the common thread between us all is our level of integrity.

Here are the top ten reasons to join us:

  • Do the right thing. We are guided by a deep belief in doing what’s right, regardless of the outcome. We put this before profit and pleasure. If you share this belief then you’ll find your place with us.
  • We are customer-centric. We treat clients as we wish to be treated and put their needs as our top priority.
  • Never stop growing. We are always pushing our selves to the next level and stepping outside of our comfort zone.
  • Never stop learning. In this industry you have to be running ‘at a pace’ just to stand still, you’ll learn via classroom, e-learning and one on ones.
  • We’re courageous. We take calculated risks that demonstrate commitment to our purpose.
  • There’s no such thing as a typical day. We’ll keep you on your toes.
  • We’re sociable. We take time out and to get to know each other outside of the work environment. Social events are organised regularly.
  • Career growth. We’re growing and we want you to grow with us. Personal development is a priority at Secon Cyber.
  • We are open-minded. We are a diverse team which means you’ll learn something from those around you.
  • We are confident. We are comfortable in our own skin and know where we are heading. We are constantly innovating but we stay grounded and are guided by our core values.

Current Opportunities

Sales Executive

Secon Cyber have a position in our customer success team for a sales executive. You will follow up on leads generated through marketing campaigns and work with the account managers to build strong and meaningful relationships with clients, IT and/or security teams to regularly educate them on how they can address their cybersecurity concerns.


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