Jonas Gabriel Rivera – Always on together

Jonas Gabriel Rivera, Incident Response Associate

Secon believes that everyone who’s interested in cyber security should have the opportunity to explore all career options available to them. That’s why we’re always on, helping our team advance their cyber security careers, and allowing them the flexibility to discover what they love.

In June, our first group of interns graduated from Secon’s Cyber Academy. The Cyber Academy was launched to help final year university students bridge the knowledge they gained in the classroom with real-life, hands-on experience. We wanted our interns to discover what a career in cyber security has to offer and give them a space to take risks, ask questions, and grow their skills.

We’re pleased to announce that four of our interns have now begun their professional careers with us as Incident Response Associates. One member of this team is Jonas Gabriel Rivera.

Jonas was considering a career in software and web development before joining our Cyber Academy. But when he was introduced to the Academy during his final year at university, he thought the opportunity was too good to pass up. Jonas felt compelled to jump at the chance because he felt such opportunities are rare.

Just thinking about being able to be an intern for an international company sounds amazing as it is,” Jonas said, “and I thought that it surely would help me improve not only on my skills, but also help shape me as a person and broaden my perspective in life.

After spending a few months as an intern, Jonas felt like the world was telling him to go for it.

At Secon, we’re always on, encouraging our staff to improve and take risks. We strive to not only continually improve as a business, but also to foster a culture that enables every member of our team to develop their own talents.

During the six month internship, Jonas met several people from different backgrounds and experiences. Jonas and his co-interns had the opportunity to talk with everyone in Secon, and one thing they noticed that everyone had in common was the desire for continuous improvement, not just for the company, but also for themselves.

Now, Jonas wants to communicate to other young professionals who wish to start their own journey in cyber security that “when people say it doesn’t matter if you’re academically inclined in the field or not, there is some truth in there. Everyone starts on that same first step, just at different times. If you really want to pursue cyber security, don’t be afraid to take that step.”

Jonas’s excitement to start his professional journey with Secon is the same as when he was about to enter the team as an intern. He’s looking forward to the experience of working in cyber security and the opportunities to further explore what his career at Secon has to offer.

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