Merleau-Ponty Gutierrez – Always on together

Merleau-Ponty Gutierrez

Always on, exploring new opportunities and delivering value to clients.

After the pandemic, Merleau-Ponty Guiterrez was interested in exploring new challenges and developing his skills. He said: 

My background in IT, sales, and marketing is what brought me to my first role as a lead qualifier at Secon, but cyber security was a topic I knew very little about. Expanding my understanding of it is fascinating. As they say, ‘new technology brings new risks,’ so I know cyber security will evolve and I will continue to learn.

After a year as a lead qualifier, Ponty moved from marketing to Secon’s sales team in order to fill an internal account manager vacancy. “I’m quite excited because this is a good opportunity and a new challenge for me. I’m always looking for new challenges and ways to grow,” he said.

As an internal account manager, Ponty is responsible for developing, nurturing, and growing Secon’s clients to deliver year-on-year revenue growth. This role requires working closely with the marketing, technology, and partner teams to increase revenues and margins by delivering value to our clients through the strength of our relationship. It also requires the account manager to own the opportunities through the sales cycle and drive them to a successful outcome. 

Although both his positions at Secon have had their challenges, Ponty is determined to work his leads into opportunities, ultimately helping drive Secon, and his career, forward. He said the first time he booked a client meeting gave him a boost of motivation, and he hopes to continue to serve his clients as best he can. 

Ponty is always on, ready to tackle whatever challenges come his way. He commented:

For me, ‘Always on’ means being dependable as a colleague, ready to take on whatever difficulties lie ahead, and being able to consistently provide value to the organisation.

Ponty’s biggest piece of advice is “always have a good attitude towards work and the people you work with.” He says he can always count on his colleagues at Secon to help achieve his objectives and accelerate Secon’s growth. 

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