Miguel Francisco Gamiao – Always on together

Miguel Francisco Gamiao

At Secon, we’re always on, helping you begin your journey in cyber security.

Another member of the SOC team who graduated from our Cyber Academy is Miguel Francisco Gamiao. Miguel has been interested in cyber security ever since he was a kid. He commented,

I would always hear on the news both good and dreadful things about hacking or cyber security in general – mostly the dreadful things about hacking like criminals stealing people’s money and identities. That made me curious on the processes of it, then that boosted my interest in technology, and here I am trying to learn innovative technologies.

With his curiosity piqued, Miguel planned out how he could achieve his childhood dream of a career in cyber security. Towards the end of university, he heard about Secon’s Cyber Academy, which was launched in partnership with St. Paul University Philippines. The Academy presented the opportunity he was looking for and he didn’t hesitate to apply.

Now that Miguel has graduated and is a full-time Secon employee, he’s found the first few months of his job a real joy. Even when there have been issues that he’s not come across before or are challenging, he says his team has been supportive and helped him to learn and build his confidence. Miguel said,

I’m a fresh graduate and there’s a lot to learn. I’m excited to explore the uncharted territories.

One of his most memorable recent experiences was the first time he sent an email to one of Secon’s customers. Miguel was both nervous and excited to send an email because he would be interacting with a customer and wanted to represent Secon well.

For Miguel, being always on means taking initiative and being ready to take on new challenges throughout his career. He said that proactivity not only benefits himself, but also those around him, which makes it a healthy mindset to maintain. He also mentioned that always on represents the desire to constantly learn and improve his knowledge and skills in the field.

Like Miguel, if cyber security is something you really want to pursue, go for it; it may seem daunting at first, but it’s fun and exciting to learn about something you are passionate about. Additionally, having a mentor to help you navigate your career path in cyber security is immensely valuable. That’s why Secon is dedicated to helping graduates launch their careers with us and continuing to provide our existing team with new opportunities to develop and grow.

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