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First year at Secon Cyber – Abdullah Hashmi

First year at Secon Cyber – Abdullah Hashmi

I started my career as a sales support officer while doing my bachelors from one of the top business schools in Pakistan. Having completed almost 18 months, I decided to pursue my interest in Business Management and moved to the UK to enroll for a Masters in Business Management and Marketing. On completion, I landed a job as a digital marketing lead with Secon Cyber and thus began a very satisfying journey which completes a year today.

My first year with Secon Cyber has been a year of exploration, a year of integration and a knowledge-based year. One that has been extremely satisfying, to say the least. For me, it was a shift of gears to be in one of the most relevant fast-paced industries of today, where there are a constant cat and mouse chase between the industry and the attacks that are evolving and growing exponentially. The bottom line is that it has given me an opportunity to grow my knowledge, be it products or services and keep myself updated on industry trends and current issues.

When I started, one of the first few tasks I thought needed attention was Secon Cybers digital marketing strategy. I was always aware and a big believer of the benefits, cost effectiveness and wide reach of Social Media and the push it gives to a brands awareness. Not wasting time, I prioritised digital marketing and started setting up pages/profiles from scratch on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and further share informative pieces like free tools, white papers and industry statistics which were of great value to our followers. Now Secon Cyber is active on almost all of the top social media channels including LinkedIn and Google+, we have come along way from where we started.

I also initiated hosting webinars, where one of our valued vendor partners share their expertise on current products/ services, pain points in various industries and how solutions could be provided. I not only arrange the logistics for the webinar, from creating an event to building an e-shot campaign to sharing it on social media, getting sign-ups for the webinar but also ensure the events run smoothly and all queries from the attendees have been answered by the presenter. My job is not finished yet though, once the event is over, I edit the recordings, post it on our resources section and send the recording to those who couldn’t attend the webinar. Our webinars have been popular and we have always got good responses and feedback on them, which is pleasing.

2018 has been a year of change at Secon Cyber. We’re transitioning to Advanced Security Service Provider (AMSSP). It is a big positive change for Secon Cyber. This change resulted in a complete revamp of our website too, where I do pitch in with the website content management which is known to be crucial not only for a brand image but also for the SEO too. I do post new blogs and resources like free tools, white papers, and webcasts which can download easily. At Secon Cyber we also keep our customers updated with our monthly newsletter called “What the Hack”, and keep clients informed on the latest news and trends in the industry. I am responsible for the design and content of the newsletter too.

Last but not least, as we know CRM is a huge and important part of marketing and at Secon Cyber we use Salesforce. Though not much attention was given to it earlier, I was handed the ownership of Salesforce and the responsibility to get it on its feet. On completing a Salesforce administration training, I grew confident and soon got into the depth of it and have now breathed new life into it, to see the business reap the benefits.

This past year has been amazing at Secon Cyber with an added benefit of working with great positive people. Thank you Team Secon Cyber for all your support!!!!

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