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Press Release: Secon Cyber partners with ObserveIT to ensure our clients are protected from insider threat risks

Press Release: Secon Cyber partners with ObserveIT to ensure our clients are protected from insider threat risks

LONDON 20th June 2019

Furthering its dedication to partnering with the best-of-breed products and services, Secon Cyber is pleased to announce its new partnership with ObserveIT, the leading Insider Threat Management solution that empowers organisations to detect, investigate and stop insider threats.

Headquartered in Boston, USA, with offices in London and Tel Aviv, the company is focused on helping customers know the whole story about Insider threats. ObserveIT provides detection and prevention to enable proactive defence against both malicious and negligent user behaviour from employees, privileged users, and third parties.

With ObserveIT, organisations can significantly reduce the risk of security incidents by monitoring user behaviour and offering real-time education and prevention. It cuts investigation time from days to minutes and offers full playback of security incidents to improve response times and simplify compliance. ObserveIT is trusted by more than 1900 customers in 87 countries and across a wide range of industries.

Secon Cyber has been providing class leading cyber security solutions to customers from small to large enterprises since 1999. Secon Cyber’s varied portfolio allows their experts to pair customers with the right solutions to address their organisation’s unique security needs.

Andrew Gogarty, Secon Cyber’s Head of Customer Success, commented, “We’re pleased to be partnering with ObserveIT and cannot wait to kick off our relationship. We’re excited to work with a technology partner that can tackle the insider threat challenge without the complexity and long project cycles that are usually associated with this solution area.”

“Insider Threats are increasing both in frequency and cost” said John Quinn, VP Channel at ObserveIT.  “We are delighted that Secon Cyber are joining the ObserveIT Partner Program. This will help ObserveIT meet the growing customer demand for a solution that delivers the ability to investigate incidents and prevent data exfiltration, and expand our reach across this region.”

About Secon Cyber

Established in 1999, Secon Cyber has long-standing experience of delivering class-leading cyber security solutions to customers ranging from small to large enterprises. Secon Cyber’s expertise lies in their deep understanding of the cyber security market and ability to provide fit for purpose security solutions and services to customers. Visit to learn more.

About ObserveIT

ObserveIT, the leader in Insider Threat Management, delivers comprehensive visibility into user and data activity providing security organisations with a powerful tool for protecting employees and valuable assets while saving time and resources. With more than 1,900 global customers across all major verticals, ObserveIT empowers security teams to proactively detect insider threats, streamline the investigation process, and enable rapid response. For more information visit:

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