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Secon Cyber’s 19th year Anniversary

Secon Cyber’s 19th year Anniversary

This month earmarked the 19th anniversary of Secon Cyber.

Over the last two decades the Cyber Security industry has experienced exponential growth. Technology has developed at a rapid pace and with it so have the threats.  Secon Cyber’s involvement and mutual growth with the industry is an achievement the business takes great pride in.

Things have completely changed since the business was founded in 1999. Business activities, information technology, the communications environment and the threat landscape have all continuously developed.

Many of the shortcomings in technology and technology management in the early days of the cybersecurity industry caused organisations to become susceptible to cyber-attacks. Help was required to mitigate against these weaknesses and Secon Cyber was there to recognise and address the issues.

Today, vendors and attackers have become embroiled in a cyber arms race, and users are caught in the middle. Throughout this time Secon Cyber have been supporting these users by helping them to build and implement robust cybersecurity strategies. Our experience and close relationships with renowned vendors such as Trend Micro and Forcepoint have enabled us to provide our clients with reliable products and services that help to secure their IT infrastructures.

Our meticulous and thorough approach to cybersecurity consultancy and our robust portfolio of products and services have allowed us to develop a customer base that has now grown to over 250 organisations in various industry sectors.

The theme of constant innovation and change within the cybersecurity industry fits well for Secon Cyber’s next chapter. The company’s upcoming 20th anniversary see’s the business embark on the journey of transitioning from a value added reseller to a managed security service provider.

Therefore we had to recognise that the threat landscape is still always innovating and for that reason so are we. In order to fall in line with the needs of our clients we have produced our own in house developed managed detection and response service. Whilst this platform spearheads our transformation roadmap, it also signifies our intent to mitigate more effectively against rapidly evolving security challenges.

Whilst it’s always great to stop and reflect when landmarks come about, in this industry it’s integral to look forward. We look forward to continue working with businesses to help secure their infrastructures and users from potential future breaches or attacks. Providing professional and bespoke solutions that safeguard day to day business practise will also always remain at the forefront of our business objectives and we plan on continuing to develop our portfolio of solutions and services.

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