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Yes ma'am, it's PAM (Privileged Account Management).

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Privileged Account Management

Make tracking and storing your important accounts and passwords an easy task. Our Privileged Account Management solutions do just this. Account details and credentials are stored in a secure vault, which automatically rotates passwords to keep your accounts secure.

PAM protects your system from accidental or deliberate misuse of privileged accounts by only giving access to those who are authorised and revoking access as soon as the need ends.

Removes the need for local/direct system passwords for privileged users.

Account management doesn't have to be difficult

Components of PAM

01 Access Managers.

This governs access to your privileged accounts. They provide policy definition and enforcement for PAM. A privileged user will have to request access to a system through the Access Manager. The Access Manager knows which systems the user can access and at what level privilege.

02 Password Vaults.

This stores your passwords in a secure vault. Automatically rotate passwords to manage the “keys to the kingdom”. All system access is via the Password Vault, therefore, end users never have direct access to root passwords.

03 Session Managers.

This tracks all actions taken during a session for future review and auditing. Unauthorised or malicious actions are detected and prevented.

Improve your security without hassle


Improve Management

Automatically improve privileged account password management, security, and compliance without impacting productivity.

Easy Detection

Easily detect all privileged accounts and store the passwords in a secure vault .

Audit Friendly

Easily audit, analyse, and manage privileged user and account activity.


Automatically rotate passwords to manage the "keys to the kingdom".


Prevent and detect unauthorised use of privileged accounts.

Account Management

Service Account and Dependency Management.

Custom Workflows

Have confidence with custom workflow approvals and active session monitoring .


Help satisfy audit and compliance requirements for SOX, GDPR, HIPAA, FISMA, NIST, PCI, and more.

Complex Passwords

Improve security by adopting 100+ character complex passwords to protect your passwords.

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