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In a field as rapidly changing as cyber security technology, Secon Cyber Security understands the value of investing in Security Awareness Training. We have established a deep rooted partnership with industry leader KnowBe4 to keep you on top of end user training.

Combining Proven Collaboration and Consulting Services

Our consultants are dedicated to innovating, selling and delivering KnowBe4 solutions, backed by team KnowBe4 experts around the world who work together to ensure the success of the partnership – and of successful outcomes for our clients. What’s more, we invest in knowledge. All Secon Cyber Security employees take KnowBe4’s training programmes, making Secon Cyber Security one of the most participated companies in KnowBe4’s partner program.

Secon Cyber Security have taken the initiative to offer you a Phishing Security Test for up to 100 of your employees at no charge. The bespoke Phishing Security Test to your organisation allows you to find out what percentage of your employees are Phish-prone.

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