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Learn how Secon Cyber can dynamically discover every modern asset across any digital computing environment (even the ones you didn’t know about). And as the elastic attack surface expands and contracts, you can keep pace with a live view of your assets.

Beyond the Digital Transformation Hype: Welcome To The Modern Era of Cyber Exposure

Cyber Exposure is an emerging discipline for managing and measuring your modern attack surface to accurately understand and reduce your cyber risk. Cyber Exposure transforms security from static and siloed visibility to dynamic and holistic visibility across the modern attack surface. Cyber Exposure provides live visibility with technology purpose-built for security. Understanding Cyber Exposure will transform security from a raw list of vulnerabilities to a metrics-driven program, where cyber risk is quantified and measured alongside every other business risk and every strategic business decision will rely on it. Understanding Cyber Exposure will not be an impediment to digital transformation. It will enable it.

Cyber Exposure builds on the roots of Vulnerability Management for traditional IT applications, endpoints and systems, moving from identifying bugs and misconfigurations and expanding to the following:

  • Live discovery of every modern asset across any computing environment
  • Continuous visibility into where an asset is secure, or exposed, and to what extent
  • Add context to the exposure to prioritise and select the appropriate remediation technique
  • Accurately represent and communicate cyber risk to the business – in business terms
  • Apply Cyber Exposure data as a key risk metric for strategic decision support

Secon Cyber & Tenable Seamlessly Integrated Capabilities

Our joint skill set provides you with the best expertise that will manage and measure your modern attack surface to accurately understand and reduce cyber risk. Together, we have already delivered successful projects to clients from different industry sectors.

Through this partnership, your organisation will deeply understand assets, networks and vulnerabilities, extending this knowledge and expertise into™ to deliver the world’s first platform to provide live visibility into any asset on any computing platform.

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