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Press Relase: Secon Cyber to attend Healthcare Cybersecurity Conference

Press Relase: Secon Cyber to attend Healthcare Cybersecurity Conference

Secon Cyber are pleased to announce we will be attending the Healthcare Cyber Security Conference at the University of Salford on 30 January. The third annual event will focus on protecting the NHS against cyber attacks, which is a growing concern as the healthcare industry becomes increasingly dependent on technology.

The conference will feature talks and practical case studies from speakers across the NHS and technology industries about how to prevent and protect against cyber attacks. Secon Cyber is partnering with Trend Micro at this conference.

Andrew Gogarty, Secon Cyber’s Chief Security Evangelist, will be speaking at the event about his three step guide to cyber security maturity, which includes: following cyber security best practice, monitoring for threats and preparing for the worst.

To learn more about this event and its attendees, please visit: http://www.salford.ac.uk/onecpd/conferences/healthcare-cybersecurity-conference.

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