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Press Release: Secon Cyber partners with the UK’s leading Identity & Access Management vendor, My1Login, to secure our clients’ end user access and protect against data breaches

Press Release: Secon Cyber partners with the UK’s leading Identity & Access Management vendor, My1Login, to secure our clients’ end user access and protect against data breaches

LONDON 23rd August 2019

Furthering its dedication to partnering with the best-of-breed products and services, Secon Cyber is pleased to announce its new partnership with My1Login, the UK’s leading, multi-award-winning, provider of Identity & Access Management (IAM) & Single Sign-On (SSO).

Headquartered in the UK, My1Login delivers a full ‘Single Sign On’ solution for its customers that integrates with all application types – including Window Desktop apps. Building on this core functionality the Company provides password management features to enable applications to be secured by complex, high-entropy passwords that users have no requirement to know. This feature in itself helps provide unequalled protection from users being phished for details of critical applications. Additionally, 24/7 monitoring identifies any new applications staff are logging into so that system administrators can identify all ‘Shadow IT’ and quickly decide to integrate relevant user identities with the My1Login SSO solution.

My1Login works with a wide range of organisations in the UK and is respected for their advanced architecture which – unlike the majority of competitors – utilises client-side encryption to store data. In short, this means that the encryption keys never leave the customer environment and My1Login only store encrypted data. Since My1Login do not have access to customer encryption keys, customer data cannot be accessed by My1Login. 

Secon Cyber has been providing class leading cyber security solutions to customers from small to large enterprises since 1999. Secon Cyber’s varied portfolio allows their experts to pair customers with the right solutions to address their organisation’s unique security needs.

Andrew Gogarty, Secon Cyber’s Head of Customer Success commented, “Identity plays an important role in embracing digital transformation securely. We partnered with My1login because their platform integrates with both cloud and on-premise applications giving a single solution to cover both worlds.”

Mike Newman, CEO of My1Login said, “We are delighted to have established a strategic alliance with Secon Cyber Security and be participating in their Partner Program. Secon Cyber have an excellent reputation in the marketplace and will help us meet the growing demand from the private and public sector for UK-centric IAM and SSO services that can integrate with all application types using the highest standards of encryption available.” 

About Secon Cyber

Established in 1999, Secon Cyber has long-standing experience of delivering class-leading cyber security solutions to customers ranging from small to large enterprises. Secon Cyber’s expertise lies in their deep understanding of the cyber security market and ability to provide fit for purpose security solutions and services to customers. Visit to learn more.

About My1Login

My1Login is the UK’s most secure, most widely-compatible, award-winning enterprise Identity & Access Management solution that enables organisations to mitigate password-related cyber-security risks, control user identities and help meet critical compliance obligations such as GDPR.

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