Raymund Taylan – Always on together

Raymund Taylan

Always on, encouraging ingenuity and determination.

A successful cyber security career doesn’t happen overnight. Raymund Taylan, Secon’s Senior Security Consultant, is the first to admit that there was a long journey on the way to his current role.

At the beginning of his career, Raymund encountered several setbacks while attempting to land a job at his dream IT firm. He was rejected twice by the IT company due to the lack of a college degree and experience in the field. However, Raymund’s rejection motivated him to work hard to pursue the career he truly desired.

Raymund studied at night to earn his degree and worked as Level 3 support for a telecommunications company during the day in the hopes of exceeding the qualifications required to be a cloud security engineer. After achieving this goal and working as a cloud security engineer for a few years, Raymund was promoted to an intelligence officer for a private company before joining Secon. He said he’s appreciative for this route to his current career because:

“By utilising all the lessons and discipline I acquired and developed, I was able to build my resiliency and agility to cope up with the demands of Secon’s customers. It helped me in terms of learning how to develop new solutions and deliver services that increase clients’ security postures and prepare their IT teams to combat and manage cyber attacks.”

As Senior Security Consultant, Raymund delivers Cyber Risk Assessments to help our clients achieve cyber security maturity. He was instrumental in originally developing our Cyber Risk Assessment framework and methodology. Raymund said that creating the Cyber Risk Assessment framework was one of the biggest challenges of his cyber security career.

“Making the complex approach of a Cyber Risk Assessment simple for all different types of customers from diverse fields is really a challenging and mind-blowing job.”

Despite the difficulties that came with developing the Cyber Risk Assessment framework, Raymund said being able to deliver this service to Secon’s clients is incredibly fulfilling.

Raymund is committed to continually taking risks and pushing himself forward to help make cyber space safe for everyone because he knows cyber criminals never sleep. That’s why he’s always on, providing guidance and helping our clients identify their cyber risks.

Raymund’s story show that hard work and talent go hand in hand. At Secon, we encourage our team to go after their goals and persevere, even if there are challenges along the way. Like Raymund, if you work through the complex tasks presented to you, the results of your talent and determination will prove that it was all worth it.

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