Hack updates March 2022

What the Hack? – March 2022


What’s ‘What the Hack?’

In 2021, we ran ‘What the Hack?’ as a quarterly newsletter. This year we’re bringing it to you as a concise, monthly newsletter to keep you up to date with Secon as we grow throughout 2022.

Each edition of ‘What the Hack?’ will give you a quick snapshot of changes we’ve seen within Secon and throughout the cyber security world as a whole. Think of this newsletter as a source of thought-provoking titbits to use in protecting your estate, benchmarking against your peers, or increasing your awareness of the industry.

We also hope that by sharing at bit more about the people who power Secon, we will further strengthen our connection with our clients, parters, and suppliers.

Please enjoy March’s edition of ‘What the Hack?’

What’s inside?

  • Ukraine security advisory and guidance
  • On-demand webinar: How to simplify your security with Microsoft
  • Insight recap: The vexing immortality of the world’s top malware
  • March security news: What do I need to do about Lapsus$