free phishing simulation tool

Free phishing simulation tool

The future of cyber security awareness is here

Did you know that 91% of successful data breaches started with a spear phishing attack? But do you know how many of your employees would fall for a phishing scam?

Find out what percentage of your employees are Phish-prone™ with your free phishing security test, brought to you by our partner KnowBe4. This health check will also show you how you stack up against your peers with new phishing industry benchmarks.

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How can this phishing simulation tool help you?

We are committed to making our connected world a safer place and helping everyone discover their cyber security vulnerabilities.

Security experts have realised that simulated phishing tests are urgently needed as an additional security layer to help you handle the latest cyber threats. Today, phishing your own users is just as important as having antivirus and a firewall. It is a fun and an effective cyber security best practice to patch your last line of defence: users.

By using this free tool, you can find out how many of your users are susceptible to phishing attempts. Why? Because if you don’t do it yourself, bad actors will.

How does it work?

  • Immediately start your test for up to 100 users (no need to talk to anyone)
  • Select from 20+ languages and customise the phishing test template based on your environment
  • Choose the landing page your users see after they click
  • Show users which red flags they missed, or a 404 page
  • Get a PDF emailed to you in 24 hours with your Phish-prone % and charts to share with management
  • See how your organisation compares to others in your industry

This phishing simulation tool has been provided by one of Secon’s trusted partners, KnowBe4. KnowBe4  is the world’s largest integrated platform for awareness training combined with simulated phishing attacks.

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