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Webcast – Network Defence

Webcast – Network Defence

Secon Cyber hosted a webinar in partnership with Trend Micro. The webinar was based on how Secon Cyber and Trend Micro can help you to protect your organisation with advanced threats.

In today’s overwhelming cybersecurity environment with malware attacks targeting high-value confidential enterprise information, protection against the full range of threats at wire speed, anywhere on the network is a solution of immense value and desired by organisations of all sizes.¬†Avail the opportunity for a FREE IT Security Health Check and receive a confidential report on the health of your current IT Security posture with no obligation.

The FREE IT Security Health check operates like a CCTV, providing a comprehensive 360 degree, deep analysis from north to south, east to west across your network, exposing any malicious traffic, suspicious payloads and dangerous URLs. The report is based on extensive detection techniques such as file, web, IP and mobile application reputation, heuristic analysis, advanced threat scanning, custom sandbox analysis underpinned by our extensive global threat analysis comprising of data from 100 million endpoints and over 3,000 paid researchers globally.

If you missed attending the webinar, you can still watch below.

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