Minimum Cyber Security Standard Checklist

Minimum Cyber Security Standard Checklist

The Minimum Cyber Security Standard provides a checklist of basic controls that organisations in the public sector should have in place to protect themselves from cyber attacks.

By having all its controls in place, an organisation has the minimum level of cyber security defences that will keep it protected from the most common cyber security breaches.

Each organisation is encouraged to start reassessing their security controls using the Minimum Cyber Security Standard to identify current security gaps and deploy the necessary controls to help maintain a low level of cyber risk.

Secon has put together an easy to digest checklist which includes all of the government’s controls, along with additional items we think are imperative for organisations who have accelerated the transition to remote working.

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Minimum Cyber Security Standard Checklist

On-demand webinar

How else can I address the Minimum Cyber Security Standard?

In our recent on-demand webinar, Chief Security Evangelist Andrew Gogarty walks you through the fundamentals of Zero Trust and explains how this risk reduction strategy could help your organisation meet the Minimum Cyber Security Standard.