Secon partners with Hoxhunt

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Hoxhunt, a fully automated platform that sends unique and targeted phishing simulations to your employees and serves up bite-size security awareness training snippets with gamification to engage your employees into becoming your human firewalls to protect your organisation.

With human risk at the forefront of cyber-attacks across organisations, Hoxhunt and Secon’s combined expertise will strengthen organisations’ focus on three core areas: prevention through security behaviour change, monitoring through human risk dashboards, and reporting potential threats before breaches happen.

As stated in the 2023 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 74% of breaches occur due to human risk, most often derived from social engineering exploits. This partnership between Hoxhunt and Secon will help UK companies reduce their cyber risk at its greatest source, the human layer.

Hoxhunt’s security behaviour change technology is uniquely positioned to reduce organisations’ cyber risk with an automated platform that combines artificial intelligence (AI), behavioural science, game mechanics, and individualised and adaptive learning paths that change human cyber behaviour with minimal operational effort.

“With social engineering being one of the top causes of initial entry by cyber criminals, it is important that employees are empowered to be able to recognise any attempts of being lured by cyber criminals. Hoxhunt brings a fresh risk-based approach focused on measurable behaviour change, empowering employees to recognise cyber threats and encouraging employee engagement through the gamification of the platform. We see Hoxhunt as an important pillar for any organisation’s cyber security strategy.” said Andrew Gogarty, Secon’s Chief Technology Officer.

This partnership will make Hoxhunt’s human threat detection and response capabilities available to further companies that are vulnerable to cyber threats. Hoxhunt analyses 111,000 new threats every month from a global network of 1.6 million human sensors in 130 countries, to continually enhance the platforms’ protect-detect-respond capabilities to measurably lower risk.

About the partnership, Mika Aalto, Hoxhunt CEO, said, “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Secon. In an era where human error is the leading cause of cyber breaches, our combined expertise will significantly bolster the prevention, monitoring, and reporting capabilities of UK organisations. At Hoxhunt, we believe that people can transform from being the weakest link in cybersecurity to becoming an organisation’s greatest asset. Through our innovative blend of AI, behavioural science, and game mechanics, we aim to empower individuals to detect and report potential threats, thereby mitigating risk at its source.”

“Our partnership with Secon marks an important step in our mission to reduce human-related cyber risk. Secon’s robust cybersecurity solutions perfectly complement our own approach to transforming attitudes towards risk. Together, we can provide enhanced threat detection and response capabilities to more UK companies. This collaboration will not only help organisations lower their risk but also turn their employees into proactive defenders against cyber threats,” adds Roy Pickard, Channel Sales Manager, Hoxhunt.


About Secon

Secon operates as a direct business-to-business (B2B) organisation with a focus on helping organisations reach cyber security maturity by delivering and maintaining security technologies, monitoring their environment and responding to cyber threats, as well as giving access to its proprietary platform ConnectProtect® for cyber security analytics and compliance reporting.

About Hoxhunt 

Hoxhunt is a security behaviour change platform that measurably reduces organisations’ risk of data breach. Hoxhunt combines AI with neuroscience, automation and behavioural economics to enable security behaviour changes across the organisation with gamified programs that automatically adjust to individuals’ needs and skill levels. Empowered to detect and report sophisticated email attacks, people become invaluable security assets. The platform automatically categorises and prioritises the sophisticated threats that have bypassed traditional security technology, which security operations teams use to augment their protect-detect-respond capabilities. Leading organisations like DocuSign, G2, IGT, and Nokia rely on Hoxhunt to mitigate risk at its greatest source—people—and maximise their return on investment.