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Cloud Security Transformation

Despite investing in cyber security for years, many organisations continue to be impacted by data breaches and cyber intrusions. The approach of simply procuring cyber security solutions is no longer delivering the expected value.

Secon offers a more holistic approach aligned to business goals to help our clients operate with confidence in the current threat landscape. Our approach to cloud security transformation can help you enable secure remote working and transform the way you approach cyber security.

How we do it

We engage with you to gain a deep understanding of the critical systems and data required to support the achievement of your business priorities, compliance standards, and regulatory obligations.

First we ensure all security investments are aligned to your organisation’s requirements.

Next, we assess your current level of visibility and control to establish whether you’re protecting your business priorities in line with the NCSC’s recommendations for cyber security best practice. We help you build a prioritised cyber security roadmap so you continue to make the right decisions that protect your organisation and support your operational priorities. 

Finally, our cloud security transformation consultants help you implement a holistic, effective, and consistent prevention and monitoring capability across all your data, IT assets, users, and applications. We provide continuous engagement to identify and remediate new risks as the threat landscape and your business evolves.

Why Secon

Benefits of working with us

Cloud Security Transformation consultants
Cloud Security Transformation consultants

Simple and straightforward 

We’ve helped hundreds of organisations improve their cyber security maturity to reduce the risk of being impacted by cyber threats. We cut through the jargon to simply ensure you’re doing everything you can to reduce your cyber risk today and tomorrow.

Cloud Security Transformation consultants

Visibility and control 

We help you realise complete visibility and control over your organisation’s critical data. We help you discover who has access to your data and applications, whether they be in your data centres or in the cloud.

Cloud Security Transformation consultants

Tried and tested 

We have a proven process using guidelines from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to ensure you’re following best practice and aligning your cyber security strategies to your organisational objectives.

Cloud Security Transformation consultants

Grows with you 

We help you continually maintain cyber security best practice to ensure cyber security follows your organisation as it evolves and grows. This includes securing your remote workers.

Cloud Security Transformation consultants

Extensive experience 

We have over 22 years’ experience helping clients secure their organisations from cyber threats. We understand, use, and deliver the tooling and processes required to operate securely and meet your compliance or regulatory obligations.

Cloud Security Transformation consultants

24/7 threat detection and response 

You can leverage our experienced 24/7 operations centre to help reduce your risk of cyber-related incidents. If something doesn’t look right, we take action quickly, using the latest threat intelligence, user behaviour analytics, and expertise from our seasoned cyber security experts.