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Managed Detection and Response Service

The future of enterprise security is here: Secon Cyber’s Managed Detection & Response (MDR) draws on our 17 years of expertise, our in-house developed platform, coupled with incident response, to protect your business from cyber attacks.

A Challenging Landscape

No organisation is immune to cyber attacks, which are becoming more advanced, aggressive and varied. As demand for cybersecurity expertise far outpaces supply, many lack the in-house resources to monitor, manage and respond to cyber attacks.

A Fast and Proactive Service

Based on our proven model, our proactive Managed Detection and Response service, is designed to meet rapidly evolving security challenges.

Using our cloud based incident detection and response platform and proprietary rules engine, combined with our team of highly skilled cyber security experts in our Security Operation Centre (SOC) and backed by full vendor support from Trend Micro, ForcepointCheck Point Technologies, Pulse Secure and Zscaler, we monitor for threats and incidents within your environment. This can include insider threat detection and endpoint threat management. When these events are detected, our platform notifies the Cyber Security Engineers who then ‘take charge’ of the situation and execute appropriate action to resolve the case.

Key Benefits

  • Quickly detect attacks and security technology failures
  • 24x7x365 continuous log monitoring and management
  • Proactive incident response and ownership by our SOC
  • Timely response to potentially malicious activities before they become problems
  • Processes align to your organisation’s risk management strategy
  • Quick and easy to implement
  • Monthly reporting
  • Trade capital to operational expense
  • No Need to buy additional SIEM technology

Unmatched Expertise

Secon Cyber has experience in working with organisations of all sizes and in every industry to prevent, protect, detect and react to cyber attacks. Our 17-year experience of dealing with cyber attacks, combined deep rooted relationships with key security vendors such as Trend Micro, Forcepoint, Check Point Technologies, Pulse Secure and Zscaler  as well as an established framework and methodology for near real-time threat detection and response has resulted in a powerful combined Manged Detection and Response service for our clients.

A Proven Service

With the recent outbreak of WannaCry, one of our NHS Trust clients based in the north of England were affected and our cloud based MDR platform identified the issue. Our team worked to confirm the problem and we were able to notify the client within 4 minutes of the incident and before they knew about it themselves.  Within 15 minutes we were able to change policies and stop WannaCry from propagating.

Then, working with their in-house IT team, fast and decisive action was taken to fight off the potentially disastrous malware attack and the incident was contained, with minimal disruption to the operation, all affected machines identified and isolated within two hours.

Get in touch

To be protected from attacks such as Wannacry or to find out more about our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service or a demo contact us on 0845 567 8777 or email mdr(at)seconcyber(dot)com.

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