Managed Detection and Response

Always on, detecting cyber threats 24/7

Managed Detection and Response services

In today’s world, digital is everywhere. Almost everything is connected to part of a digital environment. It’s no longer just your computers, mobiles, and tablets, but also your watches, TVs, and security cameras.

With the prevalence of this digital world, it’s inevitable that unscrupulous individuals will try to exploit these connections to gain access to your data or control your devices. With the ever-increasing number of both connected devices and threats, it’s becoming extremely difficult and expensive to detect and respond to threats using traditional human response techniques.

Managed Detection and Response services (MDR) can help address this challenge by bringing together technology, threat intelligence, and skilled experts to effectively and rapidly identify and respond to any security threats and incidents.

How we do it

Managed detection and response service (MDR) works by using technology to collect information from your digital assets. By adding intelligence from known threats, our skilled security experts are able to rapidly identify and respond to only the genuine threats in your environment.

This speed and accuracy makes MDR both effective and efficient when dealing with security threats.

Our MDR is based on our ConnectProtect® platform, which runs on Microsoft’s Azure Sentinel engine. We’ve built connectors to securely and efficiently collect security logs from across your environment.

Our advanced security intelligence engine helps detect genuine threats quickly. Any detected threats are then sent as security incidents to our security operations centre (SOC).

Why Secon

Benefits of Managed Detection and Response

Managed detection and response service

Rapid detection of threats

We monitor your environment for the first indications of compromise so we can respond quickly.

Round the clock monitoring and response

We provide continuous log monitoring and management from our 24/7 security operations centre (SOC).

Quick to deploy

Implementation from our team of experts is quick and easy.

Technology agnostic

MDR works with your existing security technologies.

No need for additional hardware

MDR doesn’t require investment in any additional SIEM technologies or hardware.

Minimal or no on-premise footprint

Implementing MDR doesn’t require a huge on-premise footprint for your organisation.

Fixed price, consumption-based model

Our pricing model is clear, easy to understand, and can be adapted to fit your budget.