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Make the most of your Microsoft® investment with Secon.

Secon is an established, longstanding Microsoft® partner with a fully certified in-house team of engineers. Trust the Secon team to deliver process-driven migration to Microsoft® 365 Defender and Defender for Cloud.

Everything you need for your Microsoft® Security rollout

Micro focus on the details. Macro focus on the big picture.


  • We validate the design with your team and ensure the key/relevant outcomes are met.
  • Build and thoroughly test the solution including the deployment/rollout process in a controlled or live like environment to ensure we de-risk and/or remove go-live issues and minimise impact to user experience.
  • Plan and schedule the deployment to ensure minimal impact to your users.
  • Provide Microsoft® Security Product Support via our SLA based technical support service.
  • Ingest the logs from your Microsoft® Security stack as well as your other security and networking tools to be monitored by our 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC).

You’re in trusted hands. Our sole focus is cyber security.

For over 20 years, Secon has successfully delivered IT security to hundreds of private and public organisations.


Through our managed service offerings, we continuously monitor 24/7/365 thousands of digital assets on behalf of our clients.

How we can help

Ensuring a successful migration to Microsoft® Security

Focused on the outcomes.


Understand your current tooling set up: Document in detail your existing security tool set configuration and production policies.

Improve your current security controls: Producing your Security Controls Document outlining the policies to be deployed that will deliver the equivalent or better security controls than your current security tools.

Transition planning: Producing a transition plan for test and rollout of Microsoft® products including the seamless removal of existing or legacy security products with minimal user/support impact. We include any scripts and the tools and techniques needed for the seamless rollout and what the impact will be on end users.

Rollout: Complete rollout of Microsoft®’s solutions and amendment to any standard build process including third-party testing. This may include rollout into Secon’s development and customers’ test environments if required.


*365 Defender and Defender for Cloud are trademarks of the Microsoft® group of companies.