Server Patching as a Service

Always on top of the latest patches

Managed patching service

Keeping your systems and servers up to date involves a lot of research and technical expertise. We provide a complete managed server patching service to help our clients continually mitigate vulnerabilities and improve compliance.

Our managed patching service covers a wide range of support server operating systems, and can be deployed across on-premise, cloud, and hybrid servers. It also provides you with a real-time patch status and compliance dashboard to give you complete visibility of all patching activities across your server environments.

As part of our Server Patching as a Service, we conduct all research and testing of patches prior to deployment and ensure patching always fits within your schedule. Any issues identified post-patching are investigated by our team of experts who can undertake the appropriate remediation work.

How we do it

We’re constantly checking and evaluating new patches released by vendors, including urgent hotfixes, critical security updates, and other out-of-band patches. Using this knowledge, we recommend patches that need to be deployed based on your organisation’s IT environment and specific needs.

We first undertake patch deployment in accordance with your agreed schedules, whilst ensuring minimal disruption to your organisation.

Next, we check post-deployment status to validate patching has been successful. If there are any identified issues during or following a patch deployment, we undertake investigation and any appropriate remediation activities.

Finally, we communicate and report on all patching activities so you can be confident there’s always a team backing you up. As part of our managed patching service you’ll also receive access to a real-time, online server patching dashboard to enable constant visibility of your patching compliance and status.

Benefits of working with us

Business benefits

Managed patching service

We ensure compliance with critical industry standards such as Cyber Essential Plus.

Many compliance standards require patches to be deployed within a certain time frame. By working with Secon, we can guarantee that patches will always be deployed quickly.

We reduce corporate risks.

Server Patching as a Service adds an additional layer of digital insurance to help prevent the devastating costs of data breaches, legal sanctions, or reputation loss.

We free you from worrying about cyber.

Having a consolidated, expert, experienced, reliable, and focused team conducting your patch management raises business operational efficiency in the long run.

We’re budget friendly.

We offer a flexible patching service that can be adapted to address your needs and budgets.

Benefits of working with us

Technical benefits

We protect assets while keeping your estate healthy.

With the exponential increase in vulnerabilities, it’s imperative to install OS and application security patches as soon as they’re released. We help maintain your assets’ health and performance in accordance with vendor recommendations. Eliminating vulnerability exposure is vital to achieving a seamless operation.

We provide an extra pair of hands.

Simply keeping track of previously deployed patches is not enough. Our documentation reports, assessments, and recommendations act as a reliable advisor for both management and your technical teams’ digital needs. This allows your in-house IT team to focus on your own strategic imperatives.

We have the right expertise.

If the wrong update file gets downloaded, it might break the server or even affect the entire network. It’s essential to configure carefully and make certain you know how to cope if anything goes wrong. Secon’s team of experts have decades of experience and are always on your side, keeping your security estate up to date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy any licences, such as Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, formerly known as System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)?

No, no additional licences are needed.

Do I need to install an agent on my servers?

Yes, you need to install Microsoft Monitoring Agent for Windows or Microsoft Operations Management Suite for Linux. This will all be included as part of our service.

How secure are the agents and data gathering for your update solution?

Our Server Patching as a Service uses level security that requires authentication with a workspace ID, a primary key, and a secondary key in case the primary key is lost or temporarily out of use.

Where will the patch management solution be hosted?

The patch management solution will be hosted in Microsoft Azure and the tenant will be administered by your organisation.

Will the updates be applied to all my servers at the same time?

All updates will be applied according to your organisation’s predefined schedules.

How can I avoid the large volume of patching traffic impacting my connectivity to the internet when I want to update multiple servers at once?

We can deploy a staging server solution which can download the patch and distribute it to all your servers, minimising the impact on your internet traffic.

Will we receive a dashboard or reports detailing the patching activities and patch status of our servers?

Yes, we will provide you with real-time dashboards as well as monthly service reports.

What happens if the patching fails?

Our service will undertake remediation activities to resolve any patching issues. However, if a resolution isn’t possible at the time, the patch will be regressed and the server will return to its previous state.

How will I be charged for your Server Patching as a Service?

The service is charged on a consumption-based model which is priced per server, per month.