Vulnerability Management

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Cyber security vulnerability management

As attacks become more sophisticated and targeted, ensuring cyber security vulnerabilities are quickly addressed is crucial for protecting your organisation and decreasing your cyber risk.

A cyber security vulnerability is a weaknesses in your organisation’s defences that cyber criminals can exploit. Vulnerabilities can come from misconfiguration, commercial defects, mismanagement, or other issues in the way an organisation maintains both its hardware and software.

We understand not knowing how vulnerable you are to cyber attacks can be stressful, but we can help take away some of this worry and provide you with peace of mind. Our Vulnerability Assessment discovers what vulnerabilities exist across your entire security ecosystem and provides clear recommendations on how to address them. Contact one of our cyber security vulnerability management consultants to discuss how we can also help you remediate these vulnerabilities if you lack this capability in-house.

Why Secon?

Benefits of working with us

Cyber Security Vulnerability Management

Clear recommendations

Our team of cyber security vulnerability management experts can easily identify, triage, and prioritise vulnerabilities in your environment to minimise the risk of potential attacks. Our assessment provides you with clear recommendations and is structured according to the criticality of identified vulnerabilities.

Detailed discovery

We use a detailed vulnerability discovery approach to determine which of your assets need to be tested and who has access to them.

Proprietary methods

Our security professionals evaluate your systems using both vulnerability scanning tools and our own manual methods.

Focus on your own goals

We help you manage your cyber risk and security maturity, enabling you to focus on your own strategic goals.

Professional remediation

If you need assistance to address the vulnerabilities highlighted during our assessment, our team can also provide a remediation service.

20 years’ experience

We’ve been solving our clients’ cyber security challenges for over 20 years. We have the expertise to help you manage your vulnerabilities and build a thorough cyber defence strategy.