Zscaler Professional Services, delivered by Secon

Zscaler Professional Services

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) implemented by experts.

Make the most of your Zscaler investment with Secon. Secon has been a trusted Zscaler partner for over 10 years. We can guide you through your transformational cloud security journey.

Everything you need for your Zscaler rollout

Focus on the details.


  • Start with understanding. We start with listening to where you are today, and where you want to go.
  • We validate design with your team and ensure the key/relevant outcomes are met using the Zero Trust approach.
  • Build and fully test the solution including the deployment/rollout process in a controlled or live like environment to ensure we de-risk and/or remove go-live issues and minimise impact to user experience.
  • Plan and schedule the deployment to ensure minimal impact to your users.
  • Provide Zscaler support through with Zscaler certified engineers.
  • Ingest the logs from Zscaler, as well as your other security and networking tools to be monitored by our 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC).

You’re in good company

150+ public and private sector organisations trust Secon to deliver their cyber security solutions.


Zscaler partners since 2011.


60,000 security assets monitored by our 24/7 SOC.

How we can help

Taking the complexity out of your Zero Trust deployment

Outcome based metrics:


Understand your current environment: Document in detail your existing security tool set configuration and production policies.

Enhance your current security controls: Producing your Security Controls Document outlining the policies to be deployed that will deliver the equivalent or better security controls than your current security tools.

Migration  planning: Producing a transition plan for test and rollout of Zscaler products, including the seamless removal of existing or legacy security products with minimal user/support impact. We include any scripts and the tools and techniques needed for the seamless rollout and what the impact will be on end users.

Rollout: Complete rollout of Zscaler network access solutions and amendment to any standard build process including third-party testing. This may include rollout into Secon’s development and customers’ test environments if required.