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Endpoint Security

Everyday devices such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop provides an entry point for threats. Our endpoint security solutions will secure every endpoint in your network to block attempts for access and other risky activities.

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Hybrid Cloud Security

With the transformation into hybrid environments, secure your physical, virtual, and cloud servers with our Hybrid Cloud Security solution. Wherever you store critical data, in a in-house server or private or public cloud, we will deliver outstanding scalable security to cover all environments, without you worrying.

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Advanced Threat Detection and Protection

Cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated, designed to penetrate your defences. With our Advanced Threat Detection and Protection solution, you can rest worry-free, using the latest threat defence techniques to protect against targeted attacks, advanced threats, and ransomware.

We detect and block unknown threats associated with known malware families and unknown malware in-line and in real-time.

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Web and Cloud Application Security

Get the visibility and control you need with our Web and Cloud Application Security solution. Protect your business by gaining insight into who and what is connecting to your network and monitor your activities. Protect against any unknown threats using the latest in advanced sandboxing technology.

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Email Security

Emails are the lifeline of all businesses for communications, but email-based attacks threaten your landscape. Even the savviest of people can click on malicious links and expose your entire network to an attack.

Secon Cyber's provides a no-fuss email security solution that will continuously protect all incoming traffic to stop phishing, ransomware, advanced threats, spam, and malware. It even works with Microsoft® Office 365™, SharePoint®, and OneDrive.

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Data Loss Prevention

Protect your data from loss with our Data Loss Prevention solution. Discover and controll all your data from every device, network, and cloud application. Rest assured.

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Firewall as a Service

Simplify your cloud service management with our Firewall as a Service solution. This revolutionary method of delivering a firewall and network security as a cloud service. Bring your business into the future by connecting to a single, global firewal connecting to everything, anywhere.

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Privileged Account Management

Protect your data from loss with our Data Loss Prevention solution. Discover and controll all your data from every device, network, and cloud application. Rest assured.

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Our Services

Managed Detection and Response

The future of enterprise security is here: Secon Cyber’s Managed Detection & Response (MDR) draws on our 17 years of expertise, our in-house developed platform, coupled with incident response, to protect your business from cyber attacks.

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Managed Security Services

As organisations continue to enhance their security controls these need to be managed and maintain to ensure they and performing optimally. This involves ensuring software and devices are patched to the correct level and they are configuration to operate effectively. Secon Cyber offer a managed security service which is designed to meet the needs of the organisations security set-up.

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