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Web Security

One of the best things about the internet is it gives everyone access to everything. One of the worst things about the internet is it gives everyone access to everything.

The internet is full of content that’s not relevant for business and could cause legal implications in a work environment. It’s not only the questionable content out there that should be of concern; the internet harbours malware and phishing sites aimed at harvesting usernames and passwords. Without effective controls in place, you could be leaking your sensitive data without knowing it.

The internet shouldn’t be a bad place for business. With effective web security across all your users, you can embrace the benefits of the internet, not its risks. Secon can help you secure your users’ internet usage, no matter if they’re in your office, working from home, or connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot in their local coffee shop.

How we do it

We know each client is unique and has different needs. We first take the time to deeply understand your environment and how your organisation uses the web.

Next, we ensure you have consistent visibility and control over how your users and devices access the web. We help you establish whether your users are storing data on the web in locations that don’t fall in line with your existing business processes or compliance obligations. This is crucial to reducing the risk of cyber threats and data loss.

We then ensure you’re thoroughly inspecting encrypted web traffic, preventing threats from evading your web security protection, and stopping any data loss. We can also identify your devices that have already been infected and are currently communicating with cyber criminal operations over the web. 

Finally, we help you set up relevant alerts for when things deviate away from expected behaviour. We also offer 24/7 threat monitoring and response from our security operations centre (SOC) to keep your web traffic secure around the clock. 

Why Secon

Benefits of working with us

Web Security
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Extensive experience

We have over 20 years’ experience helping organisations control who has access to their environment. We know how to ensure security for your privileged accounts, including both privileged users and service accounts used by applications in your data centres and cloud.

Cloud Security Transformation consultants

Won’t slow down operations

We ensure your employees get the best user experience when accessing cloud and web applications without compromising on security. We ensure you have consistent visibility and control over how all your users and devices access the web to reduce the risk of threats or data loss.

Managed web security

If your IT resource is already stretched, we offer web security as a managed service so you can focus on your other priorities. You tell us how you want to use the internet and we set everything up and maintain it for you, ensuring continued protection across all users.

24/7 threat detection

We recognise there is no such thing as 100% security. We have an experienced 24/7 operations centre that uses the latest threat intelligence to let you use the web confidently. If something doesn’t look right, we take action quickly, leveraging automation and the expertise from our seasoned cyber security experts.