On-demand webinar: How to simplify your security with Microsoft

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Microsoft Security Enablement 101

Organisations are spending more than ever on security and yet, the average time to detect a breach was 212 days in 2021.

The problem is, despite this increased spending, managing multiple different siloed security tools is extremely operationally intensive.

Not only is it time consuming for your team to sift through the alerts generated by each of these tools, but you could also be missing early indications of compromise since they’re operating in isolation.

Watch this webinar to learn how you can centralise your cyber security with Microsoft to reduce both complexity and cost. We discuss the benefits of this consolidation strategy, including:

  • Integrated threat protection across cyber kill chain
  • Simplified security operations
  • Reduced cyber spend from decommissioning third party security tools
  • Centralised visibility with automated response with Azure Sentinel

If you want to learn how you can begin simplifying your security without compromising on protection, watch this on-demand webinar by filling out the form below.

How to simplify your security with Microsoft