On-demand webinar: How to stop email-borne ransomware

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One of the main attack vectors for ransomware is email. If you want to stop it from infiltrating your organisation, you need to stop the root cause.

Unfortunately, email gateways are struggling to keep up with the new attacks and more emails are getting through, ultimately ending up in employees’ inboxes.

Watch this webinar with our partner Red Sift to learn how their solutions can help protect both your employees and your brand from email-borne ransomware threats. We give you an overview of how you can:

  • Stop domain impersonation attacks with OnDMARC
  • Detect new malicious variations of your domain, a.k.a. look-alike attacks, with OnDOMAIN
  • Alert employees of sophisticated malicious emails with OnINBOX

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How to stop email-borne ransomware

On-demand Red Sift webinar - How to stop email-borne ransomware