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Webinar – Account Lifecycle Manager

Webinar – Account Lifecycle Manager

Webinar – Tuesday, 28th January |11 AM

User accounts with privileged permissions aren’t your only risk. All the admin accounts used by applications and services are open to exploit unless you’re taking steps to monitor, control and secure them. Unlike user accounts, the service accounts that applications use to share or access data are often invisible. They’re not attached to a human being, they’re unmonitored and they’re rarely removed.

In our webinar, you’ll get an expert view on the scale of the service account problem and why a manual approach doesn’t work. You’ll also see how Thycotic Account Lifecycle Manager brings much-needed consistency and accountability to the way service accounts are managed so you can close the gap in your account security and keep full admin access away from your attackers.

Register for this webinar to learn:

  • Why managing service accounts is so difficult
  • Why the problem has a tendency to grow and sprawl over time
  • How to rein in your service accounts and enforce a single workflow
  • How to take steps to reduce exposure by managing service accounts


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