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Webinar- The Benefit of DevSecOps w/ Checkmarx

Webinar- The Benefit of DevSecOps w/ Checkmarx

We hosted a webinar with Checkmarx on 11 February to learn about the benefits of DevSecOps.

Security has been getting a bad rap. For far too long the perceived “inhibitors” have been sidestepped by DevOps in an effort to increase productivity. But as all parties now realise, avoiding security, or waiting until after the fact, is time consuming, costly, risky and unsustainable.

In this session, you’ll hear about the ways you can introduce security that won’t slow down the DevOps team and let you achieve your goals in a secure and timely manner.

We will also cover why organisations should move towards DevSecOps and why communication between DevOps and security is key to long term success.

About the speaker:

Checkmarx’s Andrew Thompson has been working in the IT industry for over 30 years, with experience in Java programming, Speech Recognition, software testing and security. He has spent the last 14 years helping companies integrate static analysis into their SDLC, before Devops, and most definitely before DevSecOps was a ‘thing’. Now focusing on security, Andrew is able to advise on how to embed best practice security analysis into development teams daily routines.

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