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Webcast: Email and Web Security

Webcast: Email and Web Security

With practices such as extensive cloud migration, BYOD, and remote work trending, IT security experts are having to face enormous challenges. These revolutionary changes are forcing organisations to prioritise the protection of the two vectors notorious for malware entry, namely web browsers and emails.

Join our experts to learn how Forcepoint’s Email and Web Security helps protect networks from unauthorised and advanced threats that lead to loss or compromise of your organisation’s sensitive data. Further, with both being built on a common architecture, they allow for hassle-free maintenance and software updates to ensure the highest level of protection.

Key Benefits:

-Outsmarting Advanced Threats with real time security ratings to both web and email traffic that rapidly identify and classify information
-Stopping more non signature threats to your data than any other solution, protecting users everywhere, including third party networks
-Prevents email based threats such as ransomware from accessing your network and important phishing education feature  reminding users on healthy practices. 

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